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13/11/2012 : More lots, more buyers, Moorcroft...!

In the world of 20th Century ceramics, Moorcroft certainly have more collectors than most English factories, and their early ranges are particularly desirable. In the latest Liverpool sale, a fine pair of Florian Ware vases, tube line decorated with poppies and in stunning condition had been consigned from a property in the Wirral. Dating from around 1910 everything was in their favour and the hammer finally fell, to one of four telephone bidders, at £3300.

One of the surprises of the day came in the form of a rhinoceros horn shafted walking cane. The vendors’ grandfather had been in the Boer War and brought the cane back with its hallmarked silver top in 1899. The sale of rhinoceros horn artefacts are bound by very strict rules and guidelines, and in this instance we had successfully applied for a certificate from CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species) in order to offer the horn. The export of rhinoceros horn is strictly banned from Britain and it was purchased by one of the countries leading specialist dealers in antique walking sticks and canes for £2850.

The Liverpool sale fell just before the mammoth 2-day Macclesfield auction which included the specialist Asian Art Sale. So it was with great interest that on offer here was a collection of approximately 100 lots of Chinese works of art from a collector in Liverpool, including soapstone, jade, pearls, ivory and lacquer work. This section saw huge competition on the internet, where over 250 buyers had registered, and three large soapstone groups achieved £600, £500 & £460. All the items were sold, and the vendor informed us that this was merely the tip of the iceberg with a container full awaiting future sales. The Chinese buyers also lit up the Macclesfield saleroom just 48 hours later, where a rare porcelain wig stand sold for the incredible sum of £80,000. With more and more Oriental works of art turning up in our Liverpool saleroom, it could be the time to contact us with your family heirlooms!!

Other noticeable results were £1700 paid for a group of three small bronzes by the noted Austrian craftsman Franz Bergmann, £1800 for a full set of Beatles autographs and £640 for a Hofner Committee guitar. The jewellery, watch and silver section was again battled over, with pocket watches and coins proving very popular.

The next auction is on Wednesday 12th December, with entries being invited until the 1st December.