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13/03/2012 : Marine Auction

The catalogue for our Antique and Marine auction will soon be available, and we have some outstanding items consigned for this sale including 3 lots from the Titanic itself.

On the 10th April 1912 the RMS Titanic left Southampton heading westwards to New York via Belfast. The story of what happened next is known throughout the world.

It is exceptionally rare to see items which were on-board the ill-fated liner and in this, the centenary of the maiden voyage of the world’s most famous ship we are delighted to be offering these most incredible of items.

The items listed below were the property of Berk Pickard, a third class passenger who survived the ill-fated journey. Born in Warsaw, Poland as Berk Trembisky he assumed the name Pickard after living in France. By April 1912 he was working as a leather worker in London and boarded the Titanic heading for San Francisco.

He was asleep in his cabin (No. 10 in third class) at the time of the collision and he and his roommates dressed and left their cabin. After a short time they tried to return to their cabin to collect belongings but were ordered not to by stewards. He split from his group and climbed through second class and up a ladder to first class. On reaching the deck he found them loading lifeboats, and as no women or children were around the boat he climbed into boat No.9.

All these items were purchased some 30 years ago from the family or Berk Pickard and have been in a private collection since. The steward/lifeboat badge made a brief appearance on BBC 1’s “The One Show” as part of their Titanic tribute Show.

1. A rare Titanic third class second sitting table ticket printed “Treoje klass bordsbiljett. Andra servering. Dritte klasse tisch karte. Zweite servering. Kolmannen lookan poyta piletti. Toinen tarjous”. Inscribed in ink “No.1 Dining Room” and numbered in crayon top right hand corner “52”, 7.7cm x 11.5cm. Est - £10,000 - £15,000.

2. A rare Titanic stewards lifeboat badge. Shield shaped in pressed brass and inscribed “Port 18” on a textured ground. Simple and vertical pin clasp to back, 5cm x 4.6cm. Est - £10,000 - £15,000.

3. A rare Titanic first class White Star Steamer rug. The tartan ground set with an ebonised oval set with the initials “WSL”. It is purported that this blanket was wrapped around Pickard when he boarded the lifeboat, 170cm x 158cm. Est - £5,000 - £10,000.