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29/03/2017 : Full Steam Ahead for Maritime Artworks

Collection of work by famous artist and illustrator Edgar Hodges up for sale in our April Maritime Auction.

Hodges 1

EDGAR HODGES (b 1928); watercolour and gouache, Blue Star Liner 'Brazil Star' in the Mersey with the ferry 'Claughton', signed and dated 2014 lower-left, 32 x 49cm, framed and glazed.  


We are delighted to announce that we will be featuring the work of the talented artist and illustrator Edgar Hodges in our April maritime sale. Hodges has had a long and varied career and as well as his wonderful paintings of ships, steam trains and planes, he also illustrated numerous children’s books, including Thomas the Tank, The Wombles, Noddy and Doctor Who and created artwork used on greetings cards for Hallmark. His interest in art and drawing started early on in life and by age 13 he had already won an art competition at the Bolton Municipal School of Art. He later studied art before completing his National Service in the Army Medical Corps at age 18. Word about his artistic talents got out and he was soon roped into drawing posters for service dances and events and later worked as a Northern Command Sign Writer.


Hodges 2

EDGAR HODGES (b 1928); oil on board, 'MV Empress of Britain' leaving Gladstone Dock for the Princes Pier, Liverpool on her maiden voyage, signed and dated 2015 lower-right, 40 x 59cm, framed. 


After completing his National Service, Hodges worked for a small advertising company in Manchester and then joined an artists’ studio called Industrial Art Services in the mid-1950s, where work ranged from designing toffee wrappers to huge 30ft murals. In 1967, Hodges moved to a Manchester publishing company called World Distributors where his love of steam trains made him the obvious choice for illustrating the Thomas the Tank annuals they produced. Hodges would often go into the countryside to pursue his hobby – taking photographs of the steam trains which were becoming rarer and rarer - or even just listening to them chuffing along and recording the sound they made.

Hodges 3

EDGAR HODGES (b 1928); watercolour and gouache, the liner 'Aquitania', the ferry 'Royal Iris' and the Alexandra tug 'North Cock' in the River Mersey, signed and dated 2012 lower-left, 35 x 54cm, framed and glazed.

Much of Hodges’ work shows his love of trains and other transport – meticulously detailed paintings in oil, watercolours and gouache depicting planes at war, steam trains hurtling through the countryside or leaving stations in an enormous cloud of steam, as well as works depicting ships and steamers in UK docks and harbours. It is some of these magnificent maritime works that we are privileged to be auctioning in our March sale - a collection of six paintings depicting ships such as the Blue Star Liner ‘Brazil Star’ in the Mersey, the MV Empress of Britain leaving Gladstone Dock for the Princes Pier, Liverpool on her maiden voyage and more.

The sale takes place on April 5th 2017 at 10am.

 Hodges 4

EDGAR HODGES (b 1928); oil on board, the Isle of Mann steamer 'Ben My Chree' leaving Fleetwood with Morecambe Bay prawners on the shoreline being prepared for sea, signed and dated 2011 lower-right, 55 x 74cm, framed.


Hodges 5

EDGAR HODGES (b 1928); oil on board, the Isle of Mann steamer 'Lady of Mann' leaving Douglas in a South-Easterly gale, signed and dated 2009 lower-right, 56 x 74cm, framed.


Hodges 6

EDGAR HODGES (b 1928); oil on board, Canning Dock, Liverpool with the Mersey Docks and Harbour Board building behind, signed and dated 2008 lower-right, 56 x 75cm, framed.