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02/10/2015 : Bold Street's shell ship to go up for auction

Bold Street's iconic 'shell ship' is to go up for auction next week, after 30 years on display in an empty antiques shop.


The ship, which has over the years become an iconic ‘landmark’ to anyone that frequents Bold Street, is expected to fetch £200-400 at auction. Held up by two fish-shaped metal supports, the two-metre long ornament is covered in sea shells and even contains two 1930’s Mickey Mouse figurines hidden within. As well as the figurines, there is also miniature tables and chairs, all covered in a variety of shells including bi-valves, molluscs, winkles, conch. 130 Bold Street is also the birthplace of the man who went on to invent the national grid. Sebastian Ferranti, who is known as creating ‘an electrical revolution’ was born above the antiques shop, which at the time was a photo studio.

Although nobody knows who built the ship, or why it was created it will now be put up for auction at The Liverpool Saleroom as part of our Antiques & Collectors’ Items Auction with Maritime Antiques on Wednesday 7th October 2015

Interested bidders can attend in person or bid online at .

Auction items can be viewed on Tuesday October 6 from 10am-8pm.